COPD treatment

Even though there is no cure for COPD, it can be managed with appropriate treatment. Optimal treatment will likely improve your general well-being.

What are the goals of COPD management?

COPD management aims to:

  • relieve COPD symptoms
  • prevent COPD from getting worse
  • reduce the number of COPD exacerbations(COPD flare-ups) and make flare-ups less severe
  • make it easier to exercise and do daily activities
  • treat flare-ups quickly and reduce the risk of health problems due to COPD

What does COPD management involve?

Your COPD management will likely include:

  • COPD treatment to keep the disease under control and manage symptoms
  • treatment of flare-ups
  • lifestyle changes such as starting an exercise program and quitting smoking
  • getting relevant vaccinations (e.g., flu and pneumococcal vaccines)
  • working with your health care team

How does my doctor choose a COPD treatment for me?

COPD treatment is based on how severe your COPD is and how often you have a flare-up.

It's important to know how severe your COPD is so you can make sure you're on a treatment that's appropriate for you.