• You've been trying to get pregnant but you haven't talked to your doctor about it yet. What's stopping you? Find out some of the barriers that prevent couples from seeing their doctor about fertility issues.

  • You have just found out that you face fertility obstacles. The diagnosis of infertility raises lots of questions and forces you to make important choices. Find out your next possible steps and options.

  • Before you agree to undergo any kind of treatment, take some time to talk to your health care provider about its likelihood of success and its risks. You may also wish to inquire about a timeline for each phase of your treatment. That way, if a certain treatment isn't working, you'll know when it may be appropriate for you and your doctor to consider other treatment options.

  • Take control of your situation Let's be honest. At times, undergoing fertility treatments may seem daunting, even overwhelming. You may feel like you're on a treadmill, or you've lost your way. It can be an emotional time. Creating a fertility plan can help you take control of your situation. It can help put the medical, emotional, and financial aspects of your treatments into perspective.

  • Unsuccessful fertility treatment may take some time to process, and it can become very difficult to remain positive and hopeful, especially after numerous unsuccessful treatments. Read more on how to cope with the emotions of trying to get pregnant.

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