• What is H1N1 flu virus (human swine flu)? How is it spread? What can you do about it?

  • Avian flu (H5N1) was big news a few years back. These days, outbreaks of different kinds of flu (influenza) seem to be a major concern. But just how worried should we be? Is avian flu still a cause for concern? If so, how can we protect ourselves and our families? Learn everything you need to know about avian flu here.

  • Develop a battle plan against the flu this year. Know what you will be up against, get the facts on prevention, learn tips for a quick recovery, and find out when it is appropriate to seek further medical attention.

  • As children head back to school, the cold and flu season looms. Protect kids from seasonal cold, flu, and H1N1 (swine flu) by preparing them with powerful preventive plans.

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