To live well with depression, you have to focus on living the best possible lifestyle. This can help to lower its impact on your life. Here are some tips that can help you live and cope with depression.

Follow your treatment plan
Your doctor will work with you to develop a plan to manage your depression. Your treatment plan will normally involve getting rid of your symptoms and then preventing them in the future with maintenance treatment. For most people, this will involve at least 6 to 12 months of treatment after your symptoms improve.

About 40% of people taking antidepressants do not take them as prescribed. Not taking your medication will put you at higher risk of relapse. Following your treatment plan is the first thing you can do to best manage your depression.

Balance your life
Many people with depression have stress from not being able to balance their work, home, and personal life. This can cause a tremendous amount of stress and can trigger depression. A proper balance can make everyone happy and improve the way you feel.

Manage stress - don't let it manage you
When you have depression, it is important to learn some coping strategies to lower your stress and to improve the way you feel. Good stress coping strategies include keeping a hobby, exercising more, being more social, and taking more time for you.

A good lifestyle for a healthy life
Heavy drinkers, smokers, drug users, and people with a sedentary lifestyle are at much higher risk of depression and other chronic diseases. A balanced diet and the right amount of exercise can help improve your mood, help you lose weight, and lower your risk of other diseases like heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Remember: you're not alone
Being social with friends and family is a great stress reducer and is important in lowering your risk of depression. These people can give you the support that you need to manage your depression.

Don't worry about the future but be aware of it
Many people with depression worry about relapse. But now that you know what your depression warning symptoms are, you will be better able to anticipate and address a problem. Seeing the signs earlier leads to faster treatment and an improvement in the way you feel.