Unfortunately, many people in our society, including some who are afflicted with the disease, see depression as a sign of weak character. This may prevent a person with depression from talking about their condition or seeking help because they are embarrassed or ashamed.

If you are depressed, it is very important that you talk about your condition. To feel more comfortable about this, you should learn more about your condition. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Depression affects millions of people around the world - you are not alone. Talk with your friends and family about how you are feeling. You may also need to educate your loved ones about depression. This will help them better understand what you are going through. Ultimately, you will find that people will want to help you through this difficult time in your life.

Talking with your health care professional can also help you feel better. Psychotherapy is a general term that describes a form of treatment conducted by a mental health professional that is based on discussing and expressing feelings. Group therapy is another forum where you can express yourself while gaining understanding and feedback from people who are going through similar issues as yourself. These types of groups are overseen by one or two mental health professionals, and may simply focus on the problems of the group or be more structured in nature. The structured approach to group therapy focuses on addressing attitudes and behaviours that contribute to depression.

Self-help groups for people with depression are located in many communities. They are organized by clients of the mental health system and their families. Self-help groups allow individuals to meet informally with others that share common issues. Some people find that volunteering with self-help groups and sharing experiences gained by living with depression can be satisfying and fulfilling.

The bottom line is to share your feelings with others. It is tremendously important that people with depression receive medical help for their condition. Remember, you are not alone!