A sleep disorder is a disruption of the normal sleeping pattern. You might have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Perhaps you sleep too much, cannot stay awake, or you fall asleep at inappropriate times. Your sleep schedule could also be naturally out of synch with what is considered "normal" sleeping hours - or it might be "disordered" due to work or travel.

Some kinds of sleep disorders, called parasomnias, are characterised by abnormal behaviours during sleep, like sleepwalking or talking in your sleep. And breathing problems during sleep fall into a category of sleep disorders called sleep apnea.

Getting the right amount of quality sleep is vital to your health. You may be able to reduce the impact of a sleep disorder by modifying your sleep routines – also known as your sleep hygiene – or by consulting a doctor for treatment recommendations.

Some of the main types of sleep disorders are listed below along with links to read more about them. Before reading on, read "Sleep Disorders: When to see a Doctor" to determine whether you need to seek immediate medical attention for your sleeping problems.