• Understand the five distinctive stages of sleep.

  • Sleep needs and patterns may change as we get older. Learn more about specific sleep disorders that become more common as we age and lifestyle habits that could help to improve your sleep.

  • Snoring is a common problem that can cause daytime sleepiness, stress, heart and breathing problems, and sleep apnea. Discover the causes and complications of snoring.

  • Women report more sleep problems. What could cause a difference between the sleep quality of men and women?

  • The connection between sleep and depression cannot be ignored. Learn more about the links between poor sleep quality and this common mental health issue.

  • Are you having trouble sleeping because of pain? Pain and poor sleep can go together and it is important to prevent the potentially vicious pain-sleep cycle.

  • Why do we yawn? Why are they so hard to stop once they start? Yawns are quite contagious and mighty mysterious!

  • Tooth grinding and jaw clenching during sleep is called bruxism. Find out the damage all this gnashing can do to your teeth and your sleep patterns.

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