• General information At the onset of back pain, when it is acute, and for the first 4 weeks, you should try to avoid the following activities for any extended period of time. Moderate or limited activity can be appropriate but should be discontinued if it causes pain. activities against resistance (e.

  • Does your head or neck hurt after you've sat in front of your computer for a long period of time? Are you noticing that your shoulders are starting to round? Do you find that your trapezius muscle (upper shoulder) is tighter than ever? You are one of thousands of people who lack strength in their upper/mid back region.

  • Understanding and practicing correct posture is extremely important in preventing musculoskeletal injuries. Remember, you don't want to sit or stand in the same position throughout the day. Posture needs to change frequently. If you have to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time, analyze your workstation or activity and reduce the strain on your body.

  • Easy exercises can prevent problems and allow your body to do the work you ask it to do. You will even feel a boost of energy! You can do these exercises at your desk or anywhere throughout the day.

  • A word on equipment Many products are labeled "ergonomic" - don't be fooled! There are no furniture or equipment standards to deem products as ergonomic. Remember: one size does not fit all. A product is only ergonomically correct if it fits the individual using it and the individual uses it properly.

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