Are You Ready for RSV Season? Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common infection that can cause serious complications for some babies. Peak RSV season varies and generally lasts from November to April in Canada. Find out if your baby could be at risk and learn how to prepare for RSV season.

How to learn more about RSV How to prepare for RSV season RSV complications: Is my baby at risk? What do I need to know about RSV?

Do-It-Yourself Cold Relief So, you caught a cold. Not surprising, considering that adults catch an average of 2 to 4 colds each year and kids suffer through 6 to 10 of them. What now?

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Flu and Cold Develop a battle plan against the flu this year. Know what you will be up against, get the facts on prevention, learn tips for a quick recovery, and find out when it is appropriate to seek further medical attention.

The difference between influenza and the common cold Tips on prevention Tips on recovery When you should contact your doctor

Interesting Ways to Prepare for Flu Season Are you ready for this year's flu season? Have you thought of all the ways to be prepared? Learn more about preparing for the flu season.

Interesting ways to prepare for flu season

Should I Call in Sick? You're not feeling the greatest today - a fever, cough, sore throat, small headache - but that report needs to be on your manager's desk by noon. You think you can handle it. Can you? Or should you call in sick?

Should I call in sick?

Sleeping Through the Night with Colds or Allergies Don't let colds and allergies steal your good night's sleep. Find out how to get through the night.

Sleeping through the night with colds or allergies

When Your Child Has the Flu: How to Help Your child has the flu. Learn what you can do to help them feel better and more comfortable.

When your child has the flu: How to help

Your "Bad Cold, Busy Day" Survival Guide Learn how to get through a busy day when you have a bad cold.

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