4 Steps to Post-holiday Rejuvenation Where's the reset button? During the busy holidays, you might have less time to sleep, exercise, and relax than usual. Reset, replenish, refresh, and relax your way to recovery this holiday season.

Relax your mind

Active Living An active lifestyle is the key to keeping fit and healthy. Read on for tips on nutrition and injury prevention.

Don't let arthritis keep you down

ADHD and your family Having ADHD can affect many areas of a person's life. Families play a vital role in encouraging and supporting children with ADHD to do their best. Families can give hope to their children by seeking treatment for their child's ADHD symptoms. Fortunately, treatment and support can help manage the symptoms and problems that the child with ADHD experiences.

ADHD and your family

ADHD Medications Are you curious about how medications used to treat ADHD actually work or how they should be taken? Read on to learn more about ADHD and its treatment.

Being medication smart with ADHD Facts and myths about ADHD How do ADHD medications work? Managing your child's ADHD symptoms

Arthritis Over 6 million Canadians have some form of arthritis. In fact, it's one of the leading causes of long-term disability in Canada today. Appropriate treatment, as well as learning how to manage this chronic condition, can go a long way to help. Find out about the differences between the most common forms of arthritis and what you can do to help manage the symptoms.

Don't let arthritis keep you down

Back to School: A Healthy Start It's September and the back-to-school bell is sounding. As a parent, you want to help your child get off to a good start for the school year. The place to begin is here, where you can find a selection of healthy tips for boosting your pint-sized pupil's physical and emotional well-being.

Detecting back-to-school stress

Bedwetting and the Holidays The holidays - a time for family, fun and, often... stress! Holiday time can be hectic for any family, and families coping with bedwetting can face some unique challenges. Find out how to manage bedwetting this holiday season.

Bedwetting: taming holiday stress

Being mindful of your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic Five tips on taking care of your mental health during the pandemic.

Being mindful of your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Benefits of financial well-being How your financial well-being benefits your health and relationships

Benefits of financial well-being

Cancer and Chemotherapy If you have cancer, you might be nervous at the thought of having chemotherapy. One of the most common concerns about chemotherapy is the negative side effects. The type of side effects and their severity depend on the type and dose of chemotherapy as well as how an individual reacts to the treatment.

Chemotherapy and your emotions

Cancer: Coping Tips Medical research focuses on how to treat and beat cancer, but people whose lives are affected by cancer have to find how to live with it - and there is no single right way to live with cancer: everyone needs to find what works best for them.

Cancer in the family Finding - and giving - support Taking cancer in stride

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD is a chronic lung disease that affects many Canadians. Knowing more about the condition will provide better management of its effects. Together with proper treatment and coping strategies can go a long way to help. Learn more about how to best deal with having COPD.

Overcoming guilt about COPD

Commuter Stress An average Canadian spends 316 hours per year commuting to and from work - more than 39 eight-hour workdays! But all those hours aren't empty – they're full of health hazards.

Bad commute? Map a new route! Does commuting take a toll on you? Road rage Road rave: 7 strategies for learning to enjoy your commute

Coping with Miscarriage Unfortunately, miscarriage occurs in about 10% to 20% of pregnancies. Learn more about miscarriage, how to cope with the loss, and the impact it can have on your relationship with your partner.

Coping with the loss

Depression red flags: when to see your doctor Identifying the signs of depression and when you should seek treatment.

Depression red flags: when to see your doctor

Depression Symptoms: Not Just Feeling Down The symptoms of depression are not limited to your emotions. While it's true that people with depression may feel sad or may experience a decreased interest in things they used to enjoy, each person with depression will experience symptoms beyond those related to emotions. Find out about the symptoms associated with depression.

Depression symptoms: Not just feeling down

Diabetes Self-Management Diabetes can affect many parts of your body and increase the risk of serious problems affecting your feet, skin, oral health, and even your mental health. The good news is that you are in charge of managing your diabetes by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Staying positive with diabetes

Eating Disorders Many Canadians suffer from eating disorders. Eating disorders have a major impact on the lives of affected individuals and their loved ones. Eating disorders can result in serious health problems. We've put together facts on these disorders, how to recognize them, and how to help someone who might be suffering from one.

Eating disorders: the facts How to help Recognizing eating disorders Women and a healthy body image

Financial and Mental Health Learn how your financial situation can affect your mental health.

Financial and Mental Health

Financial and Physical Health How your financial situation affects your physical health

Financial and Physical Health

Grief Grieving a loss can be scary and unpredictable. Emotions and reactions vary depending on the person, but there are common signposts along the road to recovering from loss.

Coping with grief Good grieving Unhealthy grief: symptoms

Happy Healthy Holidays! During the holiday season, many of us find it challenging to maintain healthy habits. Here's how to get through the season in good form.

Stay stress-free this holiday season

Harmless Retail Therapy or Shopaholism? Everyone enjoys a little shopping, a stroll in the mall, or discovering a great sale - it's a harmless pick-me-up that makes us all feel good. But how do you know when some harmless retail therapy is turning into a shopping addiction?

Getting help and treatment for your shopping addiction Why do you keep doing what you don't want to do?

How Not to Be an Idol It seems like everyone wants to be famous... but some people have problems that stand in their way. We look at two physical conditions that could keep a person from singing beautifully for an audience of millions.

Stage frightened?

How to Boost Your Memory You must remember this: As time goes by, certain aspects of memory may decline. Age-related memory changes are a normal part of aging, but memory loss is not necessarily inevitable and there are things you can do to help or improve your memory.

Change your mind: memory tips and tricks Habits for a healthy memory Why does memory decline?

How to Survive We're not all TV action heroes – fortunately! But we all have stress and crises in our lives, and we all could find ourselves in life-threatening situations. How do we get through it all alive and intact?

Under pressure: facing up to stress

Infertility: Coping with Stress Trying to conceive can be a stressful time for couples experiencing fertility problems. Find out more about infertility and stress and how you can cope.

How can stress affect fertility? Steps to cope with stress Stress support The stress of infertility

Keep Your Resolutions What's your resolution this New Year? To exercise more, eat better, perhaps quit smoking – or do you just want to try to relax more? Let's take a fresh look at things you can do to keep your resolutions.

Relax more

Living Well with Psoriasis Use these strategies to tackle the social and emotional impact of psoriasis symptoms.

Living well with psoriasis

Living with Psoriasis Living with psoriasis presents a variety of challenges. It has an emotional impact as well as a physical one and can cause a great deal of stress. Depending on the time of year, or what stage of life you are at, there are also different considerations to keep in mind.

Managing the emotional impact of psoriasis Turn down your stress meter

Meditation Meditation is often recommended as a way of reducing stress and even improving health. Find out what it involves.

A pause to refresh Kinds of meditation Meditation by the numbers Why meditate?

Menopause Menopause is an important health issue. This health feature offers information about menopause: how to tell if you're entering it, the role of estrogen replacement therapy, and tips on making yourself more comfortable - and staying healthy - as your body adjusts to this new phase.

It's only natural

MS and Depression Nearly half of people with MS suffer from depression at least once in their lives. Find out more about the link between depression and MS, recognizing depression, dealing with depression when it does occur, and staying well.

Help is on the way for depression Recognizing depression Staying well The link between depression and MS

MS and Sexuality Sexual problems are often experienced by people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Sometimes men or women with the condition shy away from discussing it with their partner, or with their doctor. But understanding how MS affects sexuality can help you maintain a healthy sexual relationship.

Psychological issues around sexuality and MS

MS and Your Support Network Multiple sclerosis (MS) can be a challenging or even frightening diagnosis. But you don't have to face it alone - there are many people ready to help you manage it.

A little help from your friends

MS: Cognitive Function About 50% of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) have some changes in cognitive function, including memory lapses, problems with concentration and decision-making, and difficulty finding words. Learn how MS can affect cognitive function, how cognitive problems may be treated, and how to cope with cognitive function changes in the workplace.

How can cognitive function changes be treated? How could cognitive function changes affect me in the workplace? What are the effects of MS on cognitive function? Why can MS cause changes in cognitive function?

MS: Coping with a New Diagnosis If you've recently been diagnosed with MS, you may be dealing with many different emotions and questions. Find out more about how to cope with the diagnosis and fight MS.

Getting support MS diagnosis and your emotions

MS: Managing Stress Stress is a part of everyone's life, but people with MS have extra sources of stress. Reducing stress can help improve your overall health and energy. Find out how to simplify your life, get support, and use relaxation techniques to fight stress.

Helping your body fight stress More than just stress? Stress and MS Stress busting tips

MS: Tips For Caregivers Are you caring for someone with MS? You may be faced with certain challenges or adapting to new roles as a caregiver, friend or family member. Read on for tips to make caring for someone with MS easier, for you and for the person you love.

Handling stress and caregiver burnout If your parent has MS

MS: Ways to Help There are many ways to help in the fight against multiple sclerosis (MS). Whether it's volunteering, fund-raising, or lending a hand to a friend or loved one with MS, you can make a difference! People living with multiple sclerosis can help, inspire, and reach out to others. Find out how you can get involved.

Helping a loved one with MS

MS: Your Condition and Your Children If you have MS, you may be concerned about the impact on your children. Fortunately, there are ways to help your kids through it and come out even stronger as a family.

How do kids feel about MS?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Most people, at some point in their lives, have temporary fascinations, fixations or "obsessions" with people, places, or things. But for approximately 2% of Canadians, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) transforms their lives into a constant series of unwanted thoughts and repetitive behaviours that they cannot control.

Finding help for OCD OCD: Making the diagnosis The role of brain chemicals When worry becomes obsession

PMS: Are You Prepared? Premenstrual syndrome happens to many women each month. But it's about more than mood swings and cravings.

PMS 101

Seasonal Affective Disorder An estimated 2% to 3% of the general population suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that seems to be related to the amount of sunlight that you are exposed to. If you have episodes of depression that recur at the same time every year, for more than 2 years, you may have SAD.

Managing holiday stress Preventing episodes of SAD Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) Shining light on SAD

Speaking Up About Incontinence Too embarrassed to talk about incontinence? Find out why you should and how you can speak up.

Speaking up about incontinence

Stress Feeling stressed? Most of us feel pressured by the demands of daily life. But sometimes too much stress can make you sick. Reducing stress can help improve your overall health and energy. Find out how to simplify your life, get support, and use relaxation techniques to fight stress.

Helping your body beat stress More than just stress Stress and illness Stress-busting tips

Stress and Your Body Stress is hard on your mind. But do you know what it can do to your body?

Stress and shock: racing in the fast lane Under pressure: facing up to stress

Stress: Ways to Cope Stressed out? Here are some ways to help ease it.

27 ways to ease up How to take a bite out of stress

Talking to Friends and Family about MS Telling your friends and family about multiple sclerosis (MS) can be a challenge, but it can have many benefits. Find out why it's so important to speak up and how to make it easier.

How speaking up can help

Telling Your Partner About Incontinence Having incontinence can be difficult to admit. But your partner can help support you. Find out how to tell your partner about incontinence.

Telling your partner about incontinence

The Impact of Bedwetting on Your Child You may be aware of what bedwetting is, but do you know how it's affecting your child? Find out more information about this condition and its impact on your child.

Bedwetting and its effects on your child

The Personal Toll of IBD A person with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may experience more than the symptoms of this serious condition. IBD can also have a huge impact on a person's quality of life. Learn the personal toll of IBD.

IBD's personal toll

'Tis the Season to De-Stress All is calm? All is bright? Holiday stress can turn the jolliest among us into absolute Scrooges, and the winter blues can give anyone the "grinches."

6 ways to beat the winter blues Melancholidays

Trying to Get Pregnant Is Stressing Me Out! Have you been stressed because you've been trying to become pregnant? Find out about the stress that can accompany trying to get pregnant and what you can do to cope with it.

Trying to get pregnant is stressing me out!

Understanding Autism Autism is a diagnosis many parents fear, but if your child has autism, it can be treated and managed better if it is diagnosed sooner. However, the road from suspicion to diagnosis can be a frustrating one. Find out more about autism, its signs and symptoms, and what to do if your child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

After the diagnosis of autism Autism: the road from suspicion to diagnosis Getting help and support for a child with autism What are autism spectrum disorders?

Yoga: Mind over MS Did you know there's a popular form of exercise that can help you maintain your flexibility, increase your strength, and relax? It's called yoga, and it's a great choice for people with MS.

Relax already!