Air Travel During Flu Season Planning to fly during the flu season? As you prepare for your trip, take a few precautions to prevent infections while travelling by air.

Air travel during flu season

Allergies and the Great Outdoors Don't let allergies keep you from getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors! Learn how to control your allergies so that you can enjoy an active life. With a little know-how and some practical advice, you can breathe easy and remain allergy-free.

Pack your bags and your allergy medications

Avian Flu Facts: What You Need to Know Avian flu (H5N1) was all but forgotten for many years, but has resurged recently. As a result, outbreaks of different kinds of flu (influenza) seem to be a major concern. But just how worried should we be? Is avian flu still a cause for concern? If so, how can we protect ourselves and our families? Learn everything you need to know about avian flu here.

A travel guide

Bedwetting and Kids Away from Home Will your kids be spending some time away from home? Whether it's a sleepover, summer camp, a family vacation, or a visit to the relatives, bedwetting doesn't have to get in the way of having a great time.

Bedwetting and travel planning

Diabetes and Healthy Living Diabetes is a chronic condition and requires specific, lifelong management. Living with diabetes can be challenging at times, but you can still live and enjoy a healthy life by planning ahead.

Diabetes and travel tips

Get Away - in Good Health! Get lost in travel without losing track of healthy habits. Here's your flight plan.

How to be a fit flyer How to have a healthy hotel stay What to pack in your travel wellness stash Work out wherever you are

Incontinence: Tips for a Worry-Free Getaway You deserve a worry-free vacation! Learn more about how to manage incontinence so it doesn't spoil your trip.

Incontinence: tips for a worry-free getaway

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy While Travelling Your flight and hotel are booked and you're ready for a well-deserved vacation! But travelling is not an excuse to let go of your healthy habits! Learn how to keep your mouth healthy while travelling.

How to get ready for good oral health while travelling How to maintain a healthy mouth while you're away Keep your mouth healthy en route to your destination

Medication Management Fitting your medications into a busy lifestyle can be a challenge. Here are some tips on managing your medications at home and while travelling.

Medication on vacation

MS and Travel Time to get away? Here are some travel tips for people with MS.

Planes, trains, boats, and automobiles Planning ahead for a trip Resources for travellers with disabilities Taking medications along for the ride

Sun Protection Here's how to enjoy the sun without putting yourself at increased risk.

8 tips for choosing sunglasses Stay safe at the pool and the beach Sunscreen: a user's guide

Sun Safety Don't let the warm weather and hot sun catch you with your guard down. Be prepared for sun and travel.

Food smarts Fun in the sun Touring and travelling tips

The Great Outdoors Enjoying the outdoors is a great way to get exercise and fresh air. Here are some pointers on staying safe and dealing with common health issues.

It's in the water! Tick trouble

Travel Bugs Before you pack your suitcase to head off on your next voyage, don't get stuck with any unwanted travel bugs. Find out about travel vaccinations, dealing with other travel illnesses, travel insurance, and staying safe.

A visit to the travel clinic Don't get bugged when you travel Insuring a healthy and safe trip What travel vaccines won't prevent

Travel Health At last - it's time for that well-deserved sunny vacation. To make sure that illness doesn't spoil your fun, read our practical pointers on staying healthy and avoiding some common infections and other travel ailments.

It's in the water! Medication on vacation Motion sickness Tick trouble

West Nile Virus Summer brings not only sunshine and cottage getaways but mosquitoes, too. Should you be concerned about the West Nile virus? What are the real risks? Find out the facts on the West Nile virus and things you can do to protect yourself and your family this summer.

How to protect yourself against West Nile Virus

Worry-free Winter Getaways Is it time for a well-deserved winter getaway? Learn more about how people with incontinence can enjoy a worry-free trip.

Worry-free winter getaways